Lily Summer Bilingual Children's Books

How Beau the Cat Learned Languages Series


Beau is a gourmet cat, and he loves to travel. In order to eat well, he needs  to master the language of each country he visits.


The first place is Paris, France.

The second place is Madrid, Spain.

The third place is  Beijing, China.


Journey along with Beau in the series: How Beau the Cat Learned Languages.


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Nathaniel and the Dream School Series


Nathaniel's Adventures is a bilingual book, in English and French, wherein Nathaniel travels to dream countries in order to learn and learn to like all school subjects with which he struggles.


The first is Math.

The second will be Spelling.

The third will be History.


Each book will narrate how Nathaniel comes to discover and like all those school subjects after his stay in the dream countries.


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